Was This Expensive FAKE Porsche Worth the 2 Year Wait? Subaru Powered Beck Spyder

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Hoovies Garage

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gentile joshsaved
gentile joshsaved 10 tundi tagasi
Hello, did the wizard do the engine install?
steve smith
steve smith 12 tundi tagasi
The no. 1 car at wizards I wanted to see finished. Awesome
Kam Edwards
Kam Edwards 21 tund tagasi
OK.. With this Cast, I cannot figure out what I am looking at? Snow White? Charlie Wonka? Cinderella? Or is it Goldie Locks?
Monsieur Marques
Monsieur Marques Päev tagasi
$10 Grand in repair bills?
Hannes Hietsalo
Hannes Hietsalo Päev tagasi
Driving the spider for two weeks and you just want a wrx engine.
Aaditya Phartale
Aaditya Phartale Päev tagasi
Tyler: (Smoke emerges from engine bay) It broke... Me : Naturally.
gary gerard
gary gerard 2 päeva tagasi
hey Wiz, 'very polite of you to ask if he needed an ambulance before getting back to business and grabbing the credit card
Scott Tepper
Scott Tepper 4 päeva tagasi
Talk about burying the lede. If you want to see the fake Porsche go to 6:40.
Grayson Fletcher
Grayson Fletcher 4 päeva tagasi
In typical subaru fashion
chuckschilling 4 päeva tagasi
To drop that much change on the Beck and then to drop in a well-used, beaten to death Subie engine makes zero sense whatsoever. I can't imagine the "thinking" behind such a thing.
Vetman 4 päeva tagasi
"Before you pass away give me that" awesome.
john beach
john beach 4 päeva tagasi
Warren-Klyph 5 päeva tagasi
Tyler looks like he has far more fun in projects like this than a lot of his really pricey Mercedes fleet.
PD Tech
PD Tech 5 päeva tagasi
Sounds good, looks good, fun and immersive to drive, makes the wizard some money fettling it, who cares if it's fake?😯⚠️😁😎👍
Chris Bremner
Chris Bremner 5 päeva tagasi
Wizard seems to be a nice person , but a very average mechanic, too many repeat visits for my liking.
Scott Mckee
Scott Mckee 5 päeva tagasi
Beautiful caddy
sam737373 5 päeva tagasi
That rug really ties the garage together
James Pollock
James Pollock 5 päeva tagasi
It's pretty but it isn't a Ferrari 250 TR
WE THE PEOPLE 5 päeva tagasi
My first time on the channel That’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever see. Love the color. Is that a kit car? I must have one
DJ Rez
DJ Rez 6 päeva tagasi
maniacal laugh at 9:19
bng 6 päeva tagasi
Where is the modern 911?
Micah Sherer
Micah Sherer 8 päeva tagasi
I really just want that 240 wagon in the background...
Iain Bagnall
Iain Bagnall 8 päeva tagasi
Damn Hoovie you need to get some kind of retromod/retro look stereo in that mustang, the modern head unit looks completely out of place.
Lineage2Ertheia 8 päeva tagasi
names the video Porsche. talks 14 minutes of 15 about everything else.
Micah Kincade
Micah Kincade 8 päeva tagasi
K.J. G.
K.J. G. 8 päeva tagasi
Perhaps this would be a good use case for the new Porsche 718 engine....at least it would be Porsche...
j p
j p 8 päeva tagasi
turn the volume down
BombermanX 9 päeva tagasi
Hope you got a warranty on that with the 10 grand bill
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell 10 päeva tagasi
The most satisfied I've been watching Hoopties, err Hoovies Garage is when Wizard got that credit card.
Sean O'Connor
Sean O'Connor 10 päeva tagasi
Nothing better than the sound of a healthy flat 4
Lane McConnell
Lane McConnell 10 päeva tagasi
So wait 11k and you fell on the floor? If you were all in at 11k I'd be happy to pay that for a reliable date night car. (if I had the extra funds)
thomas mcintosh
thomas mcintosh 11 päeva tagasi
What colour is that Porsche
Tim Zigerfal
Tim Zigerfal 11 päeva tagasi
Rather have a Corvette. Any Day.
maico125 11 päeva tagasi
Guy takes Jeff Goldbloom's kid for a new deck complete with hot tub!
Declan Whelan
Declan Whelan 11 päeva tagasi
What a fab little car!
Luke Weyant
Luke Weyant 12 päeva tagasi
This guy looks like a crossover between Jeff Goldblum and Harry Connick, Jr.
Marine Vet One Roman
Marine Vet One Roman 13 päeva tagasi
Lol.. you lost hair follicles while driving .
Kris Huck
Kris Huck 13 päeva tagasi
Just reminds me that if you are going to be a car guy you better know how to do your own work!
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes 14 päeva tagasi
It's always been a fantastic car in all ways. If this is the only way to have one, so be it. The Beck has been long respected.
cvpuga 14 päeva tagasi
subaru being subaru even in a "porsche" hahahahahaha
Dino 15 päeva tagasi
Tyler complaining about paying 10K for fixing the cars that have him making near 100K a month on EEpost 😂😂😂
Dino 15 päeva tagasi
Them Subaru head gaskets never disappoint 👀😂
Sutton Coldfield
Sutton Coldfield 15 päeva tagasi
13:45 ...and 81 cents, don't forget the 81 cents
michael clarke
michael clarke 16 päeva tagasi
The fainting scene was a funny scene after he gets the bill🤣🤣🤣
Jody W.
Jody W. 17 päeva tagasi
You need to use a custom car shop instead of lube techs.
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel 18 päeva tagasi
That Spyder should be driven with a helmet, shouldn’t it? Don’t do a James Dean here.
Tarsem Singh
Tarsem Singh 18 päeva tagasi
8:49 turns into Peewee Herman
albert Lees
albert Lees 18 päeva tagasi
Good one where he fainted, now do one where the card is declined
Marc Goodman
Marc Goodman 19 päeva tagasi
What an amazing garage; that's the best garage invoicing system I have ever see and they look like pretty competent mechanics, too.
Basque Wasp
Basque Wasp 19 päeva tagasi
My fav car, even the one you drive, little bastard!
Russell Cardinal
Russell Cardinal 19 päeva tagasi
Your fun to watch..just like Howard I'm sure.
Ferrari 250LM
Ferrari 250LM 20 päeva tagasi
Miracle Mike strikes again.
Penny Wise
Penny Wise 20 päeva tagasi
Need to sell that one to Jerry Seinfeld. He'll buy it no questions asked.....Just tell him it's real,he'll believe you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samsung Android
Samsung Android 20 päeva tagasi
Subaru engines are very robust in terms of overheating, not like BMW
Preston McDaniel
Preston McDaniel 20 päeva tagasi
Flashback to my 1968 Porsche 912 that a buddy (who built dune buggies back in the day) blue printed my blown 912 engine (cabin full of smoke on the Kansas Turnpike between Wichita & KC). It ran so good after that! My current driver is a 2014 Forester 2.5L with a similar balanced power curve. Love to see you put an Subaru XT engine into a blown 911/912 as a great future Hoovie project. Have pics if you are interested. Preston
SimonatMac 21 päev tagasi
Was fun to watch. Nice roadster
slickman1953 21 päev tagasi
You have too much money.
Rami Dannaoui
Rami Dannaoui 22 päeva tagasi
Should have put an electric motor in the replica.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 päeva tagasi
Wizard “why I have given up on my boat build” Also wizard “ I’ve purchased a brand new SunSeeker”.
Thomas Chase
Thomas Chase 22 päeva tagasi
I really enjoyed this video.
Lawrence Rhodes
Lawrence Rhodes 22 päeva tagasi
Seems like a bargain. 10k
Brian Truck
Brian Truck 22 päeva tagasi
Great car Rip James Dean
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 päeva tagasi
This is how jealous I am ;p
CharlieDog 22 päeva tagasi
Lol 😂 “ I broke it”
Achronic Deth
Achronic Deth 23 päeva tagasi
Hoovie putting wizards kids through college
sokin jon
sokin jon 23 päeva tagasi
"Do I need to call you an ambulance?" Wizard, the guy already owes you 10k, no need to put the man another 1500 in the hole lmao
denny alfro
denny alfro 23 päeva tagasi
Is this some way of people who have money making fun of people who don’t like myself who’s a struggling grad student who wished he had 10 grand to throw away on cars that are only driven twice a year.......someone tell me I’m wrong?...
Jeff Hildreth
Jeff Hildreth 23 päeva tagasi
40% of the video not related to the title ...aside from that..... badly pre-scripted and boring.
Disciple The Poet
Disciple The Poet 23 päeva tagasi
Same car that took James Dean
sokin jon
sokin jon 23 päeva tagasi
wanted one of these with that exact set up,.. or a 3.2 Porsche 986 motor with a turbo
John Quijote
John Quijote 23 päeva tagasi
"Before you pass away, gimme that!" lolz
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B 23 päeva tagasi
It's kind of like buying artificially flavored chocolate syrup when they're out of the naturally flavored stuff. At least you can get some enjoyment out of it. Or the same as buying a replica Rolex when you can't find a real one that you can afford, since the replicas are now very nearly as good as the originals.
Ted Heavy
Ted Heavy 24 päeva tagasi
Jeff Goldblum learns the word hooptie and and misuses it for 15 minutes.
Michael M
Michael M 24 päeva tagasi
Sounds like a Subaru. It's like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth to drive a Porsche that doesn't sound like a Porsche.
Michael M
Michael M 24 päeva tagasi
"I don't know if I've wasted my money or not." Something tells me it's not really his money he's wasting.
Sotm 24 päeva tagasi
Not Suzuki - Subaru engine dude -Get it right!!
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson 24 päeva tagasi
Such a boring video, just alot of shittalk and not getting to the point
Carl Hyde
Carl Hyde 24 päeva tagasi
Typical Subaru, blew a head gasket in the first ten miles.
Google Crime
Google Crime 24 päeva tagasi
[] This is how jealous I am ;p
lowzone73 24 päeva tagasi
youve reached the age where you drive your car with the blinker on for miles.....
VW Fanatic
VW Fanatic 25 päeva tagasi
i do t think i ever saw that black bmw 1m
David Miller
David Miller 25 päeva tagasi
The draw can be airbag error... (just a thought)
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly 25 päeva tagasi
Somewhere andrew schulz is salivating
Declare57 25 päeva tagasi
Hoovie never ceases to amaze. Buys 'em, drives 'em, breaks 'em and keeps coming back! How does he do it?
Aaron Kirsch
Aaron Kirsch 26 päeva tagasi
is it me,.. or did screech and Jeff Goldbloom have an immaculate conception in the form of this guy!!??? anyone ,?? anyone ,...?? Buler? ,....... Buler?? Just joking ,. I have always wanted one of these with that exact set up,.. or a 3.2 Porsche 986 motor with a turbo
Mike OHandley
Mike OHandley 26 päeva tagasi
Jeez, bring the Mustang back to the shop! You've got an ugly whine that's obvious outside the car - either a loud front pump in an automatic transmission (If it's an automatic) or a loose starter or bell housing cover rubbing on a flywheel - something like that. How/why you didn't notice it is beyond me.
Jeremy 26 päeva tagasi
Why isn't it using a reversed subaru transmission like most Volkswagen conversations?
Jeremy 26 päeva tagasi
Why do I feel like i've paid my mechanic much more for much less...
thelocustemperor 26 päeva tagasi
If my brand new Subaru/Porsche made a loud noise that sounded like something was seriously wrong or had just broke I would stop driving it and walk up the street to where I could get easily get a tow, but hey that's just me.
Michael Ivan
Michael Ivan 26 päeva tagasi
G55 I’m betting on one of the front seats
Bill Lawson
Bill Lawson 26 päeva tagasi
Hoovie, nice replica! Please let me know when it goes up for sale...Thanks, Bill
Ask Why
Ask Why 26 päeva tagasi
Dudes on the floor, swipe that plastic before he dies.
BobbyDuke 26 päeva tagasi
you see it smoking you hear the noise and you press the gas your a moron
Алекса Лаззар
Алекса Лаззар 27 päeva tagasi
Could've tried a boxter flat 6 instead of a subie
nik t
nik t 27 päeva tagasi
The wizard paint the boat !
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 27 päeva tagasi
8:14 people that drives in reverse but don't use rearview mirrors
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 27 päeva tagasi
7:09 "it runs perfectly"
Andrew L.
Andrew L. 27 päeva tagasi
6:40 Porsche content starts
Kuli24 27 päeva tagasi
Me at 10:57 di di did id diidid dididi dIAAABLO!!!!! Wooooow! My dream car since grade 4.
Mike Love
Mike Love 27 päeva tagasi
Hoovie, you don't have to rely on the VW transaxle, there are conversions for Porsche, or the original Subaru trans as well as Mendeola's version among others for Subaru powered vehicles.
George Gregory
George Gregory 27 päeva tagasi
Is this guy drawing in money and he wanted to sell couple cars to pay his taxes! Where he got his money from ! He seems rich and he doesn’t need money to sell cars . Where he gets his income from to keep fixing these cars , store them and live this luxury life ????? That’s crazy.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 27 päeva tagasi
Children's song: "Hoovie had a Porsche and its hose popped off!" Not the first time. :)
Beck Porsche 550 Spyder Review! Complete with Drive.
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