Was Buying the Cheapest Mercedes G55 AMG with 220,000 Miles a Mistake?

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Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
Hoovies Garage 2 місяці tagasi
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Hamza Uriah
Hamza Uriah 21 päev tagasi
@Emory Sacane Wow! It took like 20 mins but it reallyworked!!
Emory Sacane
Emory Sacane 21 päev tagasi
I dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google :)
Josh Riles
Josh Riles Місяць tagasi
Looks like a rip off
wantsanewvehicle 2 місяці tagasi
Just what I need, a bunch of crap I never needed.
Rob C
Rob C 2 місяці tagasi
Box of junk is what it looks like
Ed Martini
Ed Martini Päev tagasi
Dobermans! ...are the smartest dogs. Congrats!
E.B. 5 päeva tagasi
Whenever this G wagon is for sale , I want to buy it
Johnny Go Go Go Go
Johnny Go Go Go Go 5 päeva tagasi
Love the videos Tyler hooveman
John Austin
John Austin 5 päeva tagasi
Sorry but there is no such thing as a "good kind" of wheel spacer. You know that
Marvin Ellis
Marvin Ellis 8 päeva tagasi
are those wheel adapters ?
Stephen Agboyinu
Stephen Agboyinu 15 päeva tagasi
pls can u sell to me the g-wagon
Jonah Abbott
Jonah Abbott 15 päeva tagasi
“Did one of them urinate on you” “yeahhh” “takin after your dad” 17:13 🤣
Allie Lerman
Allie Lerman 17 päeva tagasi
I love the mercedes g wagon. the salesman said g wagon is a bad every day driver. so I got a gla 250 4matic.
Carmelo Munda
Carmelo Munda 24 päeva tagasi
Tyler can i have your old rims for my pajero io?
GMan 25 päeva tagasi
Haha Johnie seems to be Albanian, thats why he is good with European cars, specially Mercedes benz, Audi, BMW!
GMan 25 päeva tagasi
Dude buy an old Lada Niva and see what offroad/mud/snow is really about!
Thierry 26 päeva tagasi
"I got pry bars right here" Wizard performing a trick to augment his strength.
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal Місяць tagasi
Why does the front wheels have positive camber
Bob Z
Bob Z Місяць tagasi
So what was the story with the loose torque converter bolts and the vibration?
Dryas yt Anne
Dryas yt Anne Місяць tagasi
A breathtaking video soo beatiful made and so human and cosy! Thank yoou!
Jonny B
Jonny B Місяць tagasi
Wizard *POWER*
Tadrick Gathright
Tadrick Gathright Місяць tagasi
This was cool to watch
Steve McNamee
Steve McNamee Місяць tagasi
Where are the puppies tails?
Mat May
Mat May Місяць tagasi
Did you get winter tires or off-road?
Mat May
Mat May Місяць tagasi
Because off-road tires won't help with snow on the streets. They are just as bad as summer tires
Tom Burke
Tom Burke Місяць tagasi
I'm wondering who owned this car, who would put 220K miles on G55 AMG? These AMG cars are mostly used for show and speeding not for long-distance or daily use.
213MADA Місяць tagasi
That race was epic!
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal Місяць tagasi
This truck is one of your smart buys
MI Car Guy
MI Car Guy Місяць tagasi
“Someone is going to bask in the glow of Urination Bob’s fine unit there!” Well put.
Afarian Realty
Afarian Realty Місяць tagasi
Where are you located? I would love to find a nice garage alternative that the MB Dealer. I have a GL 450 and they wanted 1400$ to change the rear shocks. I’m 30 north of Boston and suggestions? Thanks
Casey Helders
Casey Helders Місяць tagasi
I've actually never seen a Land Rover off the "lyft" and moving.
1 Місяць tagasi
Euronation Bob and his Urination Puppies
Steven Wright
Steven Wright Місяць tagasi
Dr. Vinnie Boombatz
Dr. Vinnie Boombatz Місяць tagasi
05:50 Kabouuum......My way of doing that too 😜
Jacob Bergeron
Jacob Bergeron Місяць tagasi
I like that you don't talk down to your kid about the car and stuff.
Duane Lee
Duane Lee Місяць tagasi
Take that Matt Watson
Ben Renner
Ben Renner Місяць tagasi
Aw puppehs aw
Walter Sandile
Walter Sandile Місяць tagasi
Living the dream 👌
Pratheek Khoosal
Pratheek Khoosal Місяць tagasi
What happened to the tilted engine?
Zach Larsen
Zach Larsen Місяць tagasi
Edgar Chavez
Edgar Chavez Місяць tagasi
I lost it when he hugged the tire briefly before finally picking it off the floor lmao
A Truth Seeker
A Truth Seeker Місяць tagasi
1:53 it is just producing trash, don't buy it
Leroy Aultmom
Leroy Aultmom Місяць tagasi
Hoovie that is the love of my life The G 63 wagon
Klaudio Gjeka
Klaudio Gjeka Місяць tagasi
I see the Albanian flag in that service 🇦🇱
Bill El
Bill El Місяць tagasi
Great episode. Loved the time with your daughter at the end and the puppies and the race. Awesome that his wife was more competitive than both of you. Also nice that you both are in the business and can unload what you trash. Lol
Mike Baz
Mike Baz Місяць tagasi
it's funny not hearing it pronounced old man eemyuu
Alex R
Alex R Місяць tagasi
Euro Nation Bob sounds dangerously close to Urination Bob
Lilibeth Doherty
Lilibeth Doherty Місяць tagasi
You scored a win on the G Wagon!
Sasha black
Sasha black Місяць tagasi
Bro your Chanel isn’t much without the wizard.. that being said your dry sense of humour wouldn’t get you far. Watch how you talk to people kid
Austin Tapia
Austin Tapia Місяць tagasi
Volvo time!
IronWolf Місяць tagasi
Just found your Channel, love the videos!
Todd Almond
Todd Almond Місяць tagasi
ncfatcyclist Місяць tagasi
That had so many
deadprivacy Місяць tagasi
3 hours to shift a set of security bolts? wtf? 3 hours? take me 20 minutes, 30 mins on peugeots . 3 fkking ours? 3 hours? to shift 4 bolts? weezard , sort your shit out, just weld a nut onto em , 3 hours?
John Sibley
John Sibley Місяць tagasi
I like the longer 20 minute-ish videos Hoovie’s been doing more of lately. Then again, I have a lot of pandemic time to fill.
Monica S
Monica S Місяць tagasi
Great update on the G55 AMG..!!
Fixin It
Fixin It Місяць tagasi
MrJordanwain Місяць tagasi
Doberman puppies 😍😍😍
Steve Cloud
Steve Cloud Місяць tagasi
Favorite vehicle you've bought yet! So cool!
edvinke87 Місяць tagasi
Owen Wilson or Sam Rockwell? Maybe both?
sam hanks
sam hanks Місяць tagasi
💙wizard great. Vid 👍😎
Jack Wagon Overlanding
Jack Wagon Overlanding Місяць tagasi
Great looking G! Crazy how much 2 inches and some all terrains will change them! You could use this for the spare: jackwagonoverlanding.com/collections/wheels/products/spare-tire-reverse-mount If you ever need anything else for the G, don’t hesitate to ask! We’d love to help in anyway we can!
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven Місяць tagasi
Hoovie's new wife expects 7-10" at night, but generally only gets a solid 3"...
Magaro Motorsports
Magaro Motorsports Місяць tagasi
Anyone know if those puppies are Doberman's?
AJ Hill
AJ Hill Місяць tagasi
Nice, I always appreciate a good dumb and dumber reference
Fliming Australia
Fliming Australia Місяць tagasi
The g wagon is the best 4wd ever made
Millennial Money
Millennial Money Місяць tagasi
Hoovie!!! I want to buy this car from you. Save this comment and message me when you are ready to sell!
greg b
greg b Місяць tagasi
Did you’re daughter take the puppy or just visited??
Alex S
Alex S Місяць tagasi
Damn my fav Hoovies vid of alll timeeee 🙌🏽
Johnathan Kain
Johnathan Kain Місяць tagasi
I love that your beautiful garage full of £100k's of cars has what looks like an old bedsheet over the window.
DSG Місяць tagasi
Around me in NJ, G wagons are the cars that cut you off while passing you on the right. Typically piloted by a raven straight haired shiksa with a starbucks in one hand, oversized sunglasses, and permanent resting bitch face that scowls at you while trying to remove your front bumper.
Preston Strother
Preston Strother Місяць tagasi
Your awkward product reviews make me want to buy them hahaha
Michael Maldonado
Michael Maldonado Місяць tagasi
One of the all time best video bud!! U got that G wagon looking like a BOSS!!!!
Melchor Vincent Agot
Melchor Vincent Agot Місяць tagasi
How reliable is the Volvo XC90? Seems like the perfect SUV to me.
Johnny Deville
Johnny Deville Місяць tagasi
I assumed GWagon owners would do the "Jeep wave"!
Lawrence Tsai
Lawrence Tsai Місяць tagasi
I want to find one and do the same! Great build
Andres Blanco
Andres Blanco Місяць tagasi
One of my favorites Hopties and great video
Shop Stuff
Shop Stuff Місяць tagasi
Lift with your legs!!
The Great Bellend
The Great Bellend Місяць tagasi
lol the down periscope reference.
FatJeff808 Місяць tagasi
Puppies = Likes
Terry Loh
Terry Loh Місяць tagasi
The videos that you and Tavarish are so informative, fun, and interesting, I think you guys should have been hired to do Top Gear USA. I can't imagine anything they could do that would be better. Honestly. Higher budget, sure, but better?
Reid Moore
Reid Moore Місяць tagasi
It's always... 3
Gus Ojeda
Gus Ojeda Місяць tagasi
Those Gs are capable I am impressed
ja cam
ja cam Місяць tagasi
Wow. I want one now
Christopher S
Christopher S Місяць tagasi
*Urination Bob just goes with the flow*
MrSoGen1 Місяць tagasi
Best one yet!!!
Mike Normandy
Mike Normandy Місяць tagasi
What kind of tires did you put on the G-Wagon, Tyler? I want them on my Tacoma!
georgetrynamakeajug Місяць tagasi
eyes on the road fool
BERFIN Місяць tagasi
Omg wizzard 🤣🤣🤣 I actually had to figure out how to log in to say lmfao
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Місяць tagasi
You got jacked on that lift kit. No pun...
climbon321 Місяць tagasi
The number of unmasked people hanging out during a pandemic........
DJ BIS Місяць tagasi
0:28 talks about tires for bad cold winter weather. Gets tires for a race in a field, as opposed to proper winter weather tires. 😒
Fred Quimby
Fred Quimby Місяць tagasi
The sexual innuendos are flying on this episode! LOL
Svetoslav Todorov
Svetoslav Todorov Місяць tagasi
pups are so cool love them
Josh Riles
Josh Riles Місяць tagasi
That bespoke looks like absolute garbage. Not worth shit
Noah Schmartz
Noah Schmartz 2 місяці tagasi
well on the bright side , noone's gonna forget euroasian bob now.
Justin Bryant
Justin Bryant 2 місяці tagasi
Not " EE-MOO" it's " EE - MUE" (like EE-"NEW" with an M)
Peter Mai
Peter Mai 2 місяці tagasi
Peter Mai
Peter Mai 2 місяці tagasi
Come to my hometown GRAZ were the G Class was build - do a test ride with the G class test drivers and got your experience 😍 eepost.info/my/video/0HCDn2uriKJ82mY.html
Justin K
Justin K 2 місяці tagasi
I want to know what’s broken on the Range Rover after slamming those hills. 😂
Jim Donnelly
Jim Donnelly 2 місяці tagasi
Are you in a Movie called Zombie High?
cpgixxer 2 місяці tagasi
G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon All the housewives pullin' up (up, up, up)
Ahmaad Paige
Ahmaad Paige 2 місяці tagasi
Too Many Miles! At least It Was Maintenance Good Enough To Make It That Far
Drive On Guard
Drive On Guard 2 місяці tagasi
Rafael Rubio
Rafael Rubio 2 місяці tagasi
Nice vídeo! Keep doing winter off road videos, especially jumps!
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