The Ridiculous 18 Quart Lamborghini Countach Oil Change

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DonziGT230 10 tundi tagasi
I call Rotella my do-all oil, but I'm shocked that the Lambos don't require something more exotic.
Cameron Chalmers
Cameron Chalmers Päev tagasi
I think it's hilarious he thought he was getting a steal then ended up with a couple lemons. He was beside himself in the purchase video.
RICKS WORLD dereaux 2 päeva tagasi
How much you want for that Countach..🤔???You not need a oilchange if the oil isnt dark black..🤣🤣
John Yang
John Yang 4 päeva tagasi
All these exotic cars are cool. But it does make you life more complicated. I have a 1991 Acura NSX....great car, but Im selling it. I enjoy a beat up $3500 Corolla. I dont have to baby it and its basically worthless.
Josiah Gould
Josiah Gould 4 päeva tagasi
I'm so glad I live closer to Wichita now. Maybe I'll actually get to see some of these beautiful cars in person someday.
K Brickell
K Brickell 4 päeva tagasi
why can't Someone come up with an electric pre-oiler to prevent running engines without oil pressure ...I Am 5'7" so I will have the coutach !!
K Brickell
K Brickell 4 päeva tagasi
what is a quart of oil. how many litres ???
Cnad Johnson
Cnad Johnson 9 päeva tagasi
18 qt that's a normal oil change for me
Cleto 10 päeva tagasi
The Countach engine is absolutelt beautiful. Yes, lots of wires and such but it seemed all routed/ran nice and tight.
Cheems ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Cheems ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 11 päeva tagasi
Mmmmm forbidden maple syrup.
Least Trending
Least Trending 12 päeva tagasi
Why cange the oil when they sit for 5 years
Ganon 18 päeva tagasi
shouldnt you not floor it in a car after changing old oil? i blew my '05 mercury grand marquis by doing that.
paxwallacejazz 19 päeva tagasi
One would think that much viscous fluid would actually work against engine rotation and reciprocation and therefore power.
Cheems ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Cheems ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 11 päeva tagasi
There's a couple of reasons I can think of that clear this up. 1. At "operating temperature" for the engine, the oil is hotter and thins out a bit. 2. Only enough oil to provide lubrication is in the system at any given time. Not much is required to give a thin coating.
CA 19 päeva tagasi
He looks like he's crammed into that front seat.
Jazz Cat
Jazz Cat 20 päeva tagasi
Diablo!! Ez tho'. Get rid of anything else in the collection to keep the Lambos. Maybe the MB keep too. That new Dodge truck. Murce' is an automatic tho' so that one if you HAVE to and then get another with a stick. lol
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic
Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic 20 päeva tagasi
Just be thankful that Wizard didn't do both the transmission and oil change at the same time lol.
Jadelea 20 päeva tagasi
Keep the lamborghini's and get ride of the Rolls-Royce!
Jadelea 21 päev tagasi
I'd be pissed if the mechanic put the oil bottles on my lambragini spoiler! No common sense!
MassiveTrackHunter 22 päeva tagasi
Oh man you should have let us hear the oil change bill for those three. Bet that was a bit painful, for a few oil changes. 18qts!! Amazing.
AJ or something
AJ or something 22 päeva tagasi
Honestly he should change transmission and differential oil as well.
gaae2000 23 päeva tagasi
So an oil change is approximately $500?
Google User
Google User 24 päeva tagasi
I imagine it's been said, does this guy sound like Jeff Golblum? 😂
rocketsurgeon11 25 päeva tagasi
That's thinking with your dipstick, Jimmy! LOL
Dennis 26 päeva tagasi
You should probably keep all the Lamborghinis. They seem to be the most reliable and least troublesome cars in your fleet.
D|M Photo
D|M Photo 27 päeva tagasi
I love those Diablos. When I saw them in the magazines I was like...meh. Then I saw one in person, and it became one of my favorite cars. Wish it was the orange/yellow color, but that's the one I would keep.
ededdynova 27 päeva tagasi
Coutach has very very poor a/c from new, only way to fix is rip out and up grade, all who reviewed them new said how awfull the a/c was. "asmatic blowing tho a straw" was common phase used :-)
Prignon Yves
Prignon Yves 29 päeva tagasi
Sell some of your other hoopties and keep the 3 Lambo! You have too much truck and landyacht already :p
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez 29 päeva tagasi
Why not just add the the 12 quarts from the jump if it requires 12 quarts? Why did wizard start the car without the proper oil level???
King_Cola 29 päeva tagasi
It's a boy!
James Watts
James Watts 29 päeva tagasi
Please keep the Diablo
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian Місяць tagasi
Keep the three legendary lambo’s together 👍🏾
Ron McMartin
Ron McMartin Місяць tagasi
@12:25--"The oil filter's right here" ...So the Hoovie price for changing that oil filter is only $1200. However, Triple for the oil change since there are THREE drain plugs.
Ferg K
Ferg K Місяць tagasi
I know that the cost to ratio in comparison to your other hoopty's doesn't quite add up. But for the love of all man kind, do not get rid of any of the lamborghini's! You have a triple generation going and 2 of which will only add in value. Dump 12 of your other cars and consider it 1/3 the value of a lambo.
Paul Andres
Paul Andres Місяць tagasi
The wizard cracks me up.
Aalbert Torsius
Aalbert Torsius Місяць tagasi
"You got a bill?" "I do." (Adds kick in)
Rocket Місяць tagasi
For our european viewers, that's seventeen liters, aka 0.017m³
John Winningham
John Winningham Місяць tagasi
Not sure Hoovie qualifies as the dumbest channel anymore. They guy owns THREE Lambos now.
karelpipa Місяць tagasi
That Diablo though
Bamboozled Dog
Bamboozled Dog Місяць tagasi
Audio is so bad in the car
matt p
matt p Місяць tagasi
I think were just stroking this guys ego watching him struggle with his privilaged life problems...oh no which amazing sports car should i get rid of... 🙄
Martin L
Martin L Місяць tagasi
Oh no, lambos head also bosch jettronic Injektion on them! That's the single worse system ever being build! Glad they realized and moved on very quickly! As a German I am not proud of Bosch building this!
Sean Stowe
Sean Stowe Місяць tagasi
When is the next car trek coming out ?
Bair Valentin
Bair Valentin Місяць tagasi
The poised eyebrow intradurally x-ray because step-grandfather acly own vice a drunk pepper. encouraging, murky fuel
Anthony Himel
Anthony Himel Місяць tagasi
This episode caused me phantom oil smells.
Truett Neathery
Truett Neathery Місяць tagasi
Isn't Shell Rotella for TRUCKS ???
superowl91 Місяць tagasi
a lambo v12 is 80% oil.
InTheZone Місяць tagasi
Would not be running some generic conventional oil. Pennzoil Ultra or Amsoil Syntethic and royal purple glass filters in both
kingkobra Місяць tagasi
I see a nice Terminator cobra
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith Місяць tagasi
Rotella T4, lubricating everything from a Duramax to a Lamborghini.
HollywoodF1 Місяць tagasi
4300 lb for the Murcielago- that thing is a PIG! But the good thing is the weight distribution is 55.6% on the rear. I remember Ferrari saying once that they consider 56% on the rear to be ideal. [There is nothing “perfect” about 50/50. Even is not perfect. Looking at you, BMW.]
Ali Athar Masood
Ali Athar Masood Місяць tagasi
Tyler is the kind of kid who breaks every new toy he ever gets
chileo1 Місяць tagasi
How come wizard appeared to pre-fill the new oil filter, im pretty sure he said in another video theres no point doing it?
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother Місяць tagasi
When your exotic car builder is a tractor expert..... You get 18 quarts of oil.
Luyando Moonga
Luyando Moonga Місяць tagasi
America is supposedly a progressive country but still uses ‘quarts’
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez Місяць tagasi
14:19 Don't put any car parts in your mouth because they may have harmful and carcinogenic residues on them like oils and rust... even small amounts of car oils... could be harmful and carcinogenic
Rolando Gonzalez
Rolando Gonzalez Місяць tagasi
You definitely need the Miura to complete the 12 cylinders collection
Kelly Niagara
Kelly Niagara Місяць tagasi
Wizard is Bubbles' genius cousin
Guacamole Hole
Guacamole Hole Місяць tagasi
Don’t sell any of your Lamborghinis
Alan Moncus
Alan Moncus Місяць tagasi
Not often do u see the owner of the shop performing oil changes. I usually perform my own, however, if I had a Lamborghini, I doubt I would then. My 2 pick ups are pretty easy, but my 350z can be a pain in the ass, even on basic yard ramps lol
Danny G
Danny G Місяць tagasi
The Diablo is the keeper
Bob Owen
Bob Owen Місяць tagasi
Dude, you could afford a Tesla. What's the matter with you?
Matt Fanslow
Matt Fanslow Місяць tagasi
LOL, "Tony Hawk Edition".
Aa Aa
Aa Aa Місяць tagasi
Gallardo only need 8L like a honda
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Місяць tagasi
Screams when I see gas station oil being put in a car worth more than I'll make in 20 years. Why is that not Quaker State full synthetic or Royal Purple full synthetic at the very least? Jesus Jesus why are you putting gas station oil in a car most of us will never touch outside of a poster? It's not a $500 daily driver that car is practically a household investment.
christdragon Місяць tagasi
Hoovie should have kept the blue Lambo Gallardo because it was a manual and had a beautiful interior that wasn't black leather. Also Manual Gallardo's are appreciating as they're more rare. As the Murcielago is a flappy paddle e-gear car I'd sell it for a proper manual transmission Murcielago coupe. Curated in Miami has one. If you're going to sell, sell the Prowler, the Chevy conversion van, and the big white Mercedes S class. This is the only time I'd spend time watching an oil change. Partly because it's a Lambo and partly because of the interesting interactions with the Wizard. Thanks.
Chris Estridge
Chris Estridge Місяць tagasi
Try changing the oil in a semi truck 12 gallons not quarts 😄
snwboardn21 Місяць tagasi
when your oil disposal fee is more than a whole oil change for a regular car
John LaCroix
John LaCroix Місяць tagasi
WOW great info. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work
LeMarkD Media
LeMarkD Media Місяць tagasi
You should see the “oil filter” on a classic beetle... it’s a screen. Oh and there’s no drain bolt, you loosen six screws to let a plate with the oil filter screen crack open and drain all the oil...
AdamG1983 Місяць tagasi
Keep all the Lambos Keep all the Lambos Keep all the Lambos Keep all the Lambos
Kid Jak
Kid Jak Місяць tagasi
How did you determine the kind of engine oil to use? 15w-40 can be considered tractor oil by some brands
Justin Ivins
Justin Ivins Місяць tagasi
Keep’em all
MasterBolitz Місяць tagasi
Don't sell them... Figure out a way to keep them, you got the support of the ppl!
chris mac
chris mac Місяць tagasi
for us folks watching from Europe, we don't deal in quarts or pints, I have no idea what a quart means but on a conversion table I see that 18 quarts is 17 litres and oil here in the UK usually comes in 4 litre cans.....that is one thirsty car in so many respects!!
Pole Position
Pole Position Місяць tagasi
Why not use rotella t6? Its a better oil
MrMaxpower76 Місяць tagasi
It's a boy
Shawn Fernandes
Shawn Fernandes Місяць tagasi
The elastic dugout complimentarily admire because software unequivocally guess throughout a satisfying galley. fuzzy , moldy postbox
Phoenix Harvesters
Phoenix Harvesters Місяць tagasi
How much is a regular scheduled service on the Countach?
Aaron O'Shea
Aaron O'Shea Місяць tagasi
You are incredibly lucky to own a Countach Best car in your collection. Anyone who thinks differently needs their hard drive checked.
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos
Constantinos Christopher Salpadimos Місяць tagasi
9:32 Well if you need to just sell the Murcielago. It jus don't look as good as the other two!
Dominogo Forte
Dominogo Forte Місяць tagasi
Let me know if you’re interested I have can arrange collection
Thewickedjon Місяць tagasi
@16:43 I agree 100% with the wizard....
Willie B.
Willie B. Місяць tagasi
why did the wizard use T4 instead of T6?
Brett Victory
Brett Victory Місяць tagasi
Sounds like wizard has toilet issues. He may want to check his diet.
William Wilde
William Wilde Місяць tagasi
Expensive oil Change
Brett Victory
Brett Victory Місяць tagasi
That oil filter is 4 times the size of my 3.2L six cylinder Acura.filter.
Danzel muwanguzi
Danzel muwanguzi Місяць tagasi
Didn’t know that Wizard is a pervert and funny.
Dodek72 Місяць tagasi
Isn't rotella t4 for diesel engines?
Mergim Azemi
Mergim Azemi Місяць tagasi
The misty comfort recently carve because quarter inadvertently desert toward a messy polo. offbeat, repulsive lung
Luca Gilles
Luca Gilles Місяць tagasi
You have to keep the Diablo and the Countach! For sure. This was the best purchase ever, a Christmas wonder :D And I was so happy watching this episode.
James Voth
James Voth Місяць tagasi
Diesel Motor Oil in your supercar, hey? Works for me!
Roger Francis
Roger Francis Місяць tagasi
Thats nothing compared to a rolls Royce v12 Merlin engine...they hold 25 gallons...and i mean British gallons 4.5 litres as opposed to a US gallon (3.85 litres)
brett synon
brett synon Місяць tagasi
That looked like a z9 oil filter. That’s what I my Ford runs hahahaha
wideangle852 Місяць tagasi
. . Quarts?? . . Are you from the 1950's??? . . please use the correct volumetric designation please . .
Mr UPSman
Mr UPSman Місяць tagasi
A quart is 0.94 litres dude why not just use litres at this point
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Місяць tagasi
It’s an Italian car - it does not take “quarts” (whatever the hell they are...) , it takes litres. Come on America, get with the program...
B D Місяць tagasi
"I can finally do pulls now" what mate?!
Philip Cooper
Philip Cooper Місяць tagasi
1 US quart = 946.35 milliliters
DanielRichards644 Місяць tagasi
your oil jugs are Gallons? around here they are 5 quart jugs.
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