My Lamborghini Countach Is A Terrible Car That Everybody Dreams To Own (And For A GOOD Reason)

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Hoovies Garage

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EL Studio Productions
EL Studio Productions Tund tagasi
Wow this channel is total 💩💩💩 One of the most annoying voices on EEpost. EEpost please stop recommending these horrible channels owned by Joe common shmuckberg.
Web Design Hub
Web Design Hub 4 tundi tagasi
Hahaha, that first 20 - Thanks for the video!
Alan Hilton
Alan Hilton 5 tundi tagasi
So this guy bought a car he can't drive...... He's an idiot.
Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond 11 tundi tagasi
He got over a million views, so did he reveal what he paid??
Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond 12 tundi tagasi
So what does this guy do to have all this money to get all these expensive cars & all? What's his profession or did he inherit millions?
David S
David S 13 tundi tagasi
Well now you can install a camera.
Damien Sullivan
Damien Sullivan Päev tagasi
watching that intro like MAILBOX! MAILBOX! MAILBOX!... holy...
Brown Brown
Brown Brown Päev tagasi
beautiful car
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen Päev tagasi
Good job on review..a good sense of humor goes a long way.
Ray St.pierre
Ray St.pierre 2 päeva tagasi
Apparently you have money to waste
Gregory Johnson
Gregory Johnson 2 päeva tagasi
ok so how much was it?
iRateMusic 2 päeva tagasi
I don't care if people steal my Lamborghini Countach. I like newer cars.
Raymond Spadaro
Raymond Spadaro 2 päeva tagasi
Totally impractical piece of crap. Wish it were mine.
size queen
size queen 3 päeva tagasi
Had a poster on my wall. There were also tits.
jesusloves you
jesusloves you 3 päeva tagasi
Thats funny
Iman Pepion
Iman Pepion 3 päeva tagasi
These cars are to drive in the rich area around other rich people so you feel good and show off yet the maintenance and cost if it was washed down in price to a regular car and it was a normal price and used the same amount of miles people would laugh at you for buying it and lemon laws would take effect . There not real cars ok there wanna be race car performance in a unique style made to look futuristic. I remember I was going to buy one in 2001 when it was cheap I had the cash it was either this or a DeLorean or a 1968 Cadillac droptop I choose the 68 of course as you get more looks and can get a water pump at auto zone lolz these cars are for rich suckers and there uncomfortably small and only look good sitting still lolz
Raphael Turtle From The Sewers
Raphael Turtle From The Sewers 3 päeva tagasi
I used to thank this was such a cool ass car when I was a kid.They have not aged well at all they're so fking ugly.I would much rather have a nice Acura RSX or a GTR even a nice Z over that 💩
Valo Elios
Valo Elios 3 päeva tagasi
NIce snowsling dude!
There's an aftermarket power steering kit for the Countach. Makes that car a lot of fun.
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 5 päeva tagasi
Sorry, but “everyone “ doesn’t dream of owning this car. I would never want a car like that
C A 5 päeva tagasi
That interior reminds of some night in Amsterdam I rather forget
Erik b.
Erik b. 5 päeva tagasi
Try climbing in and out of the lotus Exige. According to consumer reports, the lotus got a dark black circle for comfort. Haha
Davide Madera
Davide Madera 5 päeva tagasi
"DiCaprio can't get drunk like Mickey Rourke since my 18th birthday, do you know why? I'm sober, Dude... It wasn't easy to get those fat tires on the streets. A white F-117A?!" 🗨😉🍐🔖🎭💸🦑💉🏺
Rusty Chapman
Rusty Chapman 5 päeva tagasi
So Hoovie, how tall are you? Well, no matter; I'm 6'3" and 63 years old, so no Lambos in my future. I'm also not a fan of Eurotrash engineering. I prefer simple and reliable, so for me, it's Ol' Mopar or no car.
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 6 päeva tagasi
0:58 that was hard to watch
Wall-e 6 päeva tagasi
Boy, nothing makes my day after rehabbing ghetto houses than someone who bitches about a car we lusted after that was made over 30 years ago! My last visit to this channel.
ThaiWai 7 päeva tagasi
What is with the random speech pause P A T T E R N ?
OUTLIER 7 päeva tagasi
It's the lines of MuuCCHh COOo00KEEE !!!!
Dj Cuda
Dj Cuda 8 päeva tagasi
The reminds me of peewee longway getting into his
James Limborg
James Limborg 8 päeva tagasi
The Lamborghini Countach is perfect from the perspective of Love. Love accepts and trusts ALL things and does not judge. Fear judges, Love does not. Judging is labeling things ridiculous, good, bad, right, wrong, should, shouldn't, need, must, normal, ugly, beautiful, a sin, not a sin, positive, negative, better, best, terrible, horrible, etc. The spoiler, windows, etc. all work perfectly for that car indeed... indeed. It's my favorite looking car.
Jordan Carriere
Jordan Carriere 8 päeva tagasi
This guy picks such unusual moments to take breaths in the middle of sentences. “This, *breath*, tire, *breath*, is, *breath* weather-checked”
Adam Fisher
Adam Fisher 8 päeva tagasi
Hey for perspective how tall are you ?
Lance Lange
Lance Lange 8 päeva tagasi
Are there ANY classic supercars that don't suck to drive or own that don't cost half a million dollars?
Jason Lauritsen
Jason Lauritsen 8 päeva tagasi
You should tell us how tall you are so as to demonstrate how terrible the car truly was for sitting in.
R. C. Reasor
R. C. Reasor 8 päeva tagasi
When I was working as sales manager of Barney's motorcycle and marine dealership in St.Pete Florida I had the chance to ride in one exactly like this car.It was a hot summer morning we were preparing to open by putting all our motorcycles,atv's etc. out front of the dealership at about 8:45 am.This guy pulls up in the Countach right up to the doors and right in the way of what we were trying to do. First thing that comes out of my mouth is man I would give $20 bucks to ride in that ! The 30 ish year old guy driving it asks me if I'm serious. I said absolutely! He told me to get in that he could use the gas money.I thought what a strange thing for a guy driving a supercar to say but anyway he started giving me instructions on how to get in, don't put your hand here don't touch that ,put your foot here and hand there and get in like that.I did as instructed even though again I thought it strsnge.Well he proceeded to drive to a bridge near us called a causeway that went across Tampa bay into Tampa.No police can ticket you so basically you can back then at least go as fast as you wanted.So I'm expecting him to really fly across the bay but he's just driving totally normal if not a bit slower than average.I ask him if I could feel how much power it had.He told me for a second or so and proceeded to turn off the already weak air conditioner. I asked why he did that as it was so hot outside and inside as well.He told me the air conditioning compressor was not built to spin at the high rpm the engine could go.Oh I said incredulously as we were not at this point doing anything special rpm or speed wise, but now I'm all set to be thrilled and yawn what a piece of shit this car turned out to be! It was noisy, cheaply slapped together looking inside when you really looked at it closely, and while not dog slow it was not what I would have called fast by any means.I was so disappointed AND in a way happy that I really didn't like it and wasn't impressed in the least.I couldn't have afforded it but if I could have I certainly didn't like or ever want one, and that made me happy! Oh and when we got back to my shop he let me look at it engine and frunk and everything and it was a real Lambo not a kit car as I was kind of thinking it might have been.Best $20.00 I ever spent getting to find out how overrated the mighty Countach was!
F1 9 päeva tagasi
God I need a lambo
Kieran Penrose
Kieran Penrose 9 päeva tagasi
Its not what you got its how you use it
Vansh Gandhi
Vansh Gandhi 9 päeva tagasi
IDC how impractical and ridiculous it is I strive to own this some day
kcstott 10 päeva tagasi
I call BS on fastest car in the world even in 1989. 180 MPH?? OK three cars that are faster one of which was a production car All Ford 1966 AC Cobra 427 SC 185mph 1966 Daytona coupe 191 MPH 1966 GT40 210 MPH
Unknown Perso
Unknown Perso 11 päeva tagasi
Buy a bargain testarossa
FGMP78 12 päeva tagasi
Hey give it to me if it’s so terrible 😂
peyton dewint
peyton dewint 12 päeva tagasi
hoovie i gotta say this is one of the worst videos ive ever seen, wolf of wall street saw the guy get in on the passenger side not driver side.
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh 12 päeva tagasi
Wow the drag coefficient of my my 1992 Range Rover Classic is only 0.3 worse than a Countach😂
Future Gamer
Future Gamer 13 päeva tagasi
The people who can afford a lambo are always the ones that don't fit in them. How ironic
INSOMNIAC666 14 päeva tagasi
Biggest flex 2 lambs a das OMEGALUL
Blue Luny
Blue Luny 14 päeva tagasi
White countach....powder.... Standard
James Israelsen
James Israelsen 16 päeva tagasi
8 min. Juicy one. Wait for it. Lol
Smoke 16 päeva tagasi
I dont want one.
john b
john b 20 päeva tagasi
That car looks like a toy beside you!
ALCONQUESO 20 päeva tagasi
I have driven on way worse tires, Cracked, deformed, Balloney Skins. You be ok.
rickydlp 21 päev tagasi
Leno is about 5'9-5'10 or shorter. His experience was probably lot different
sleeksm4 22 päeva tagasi
Seen this thing out by whitewater few weeks ago. Slick lookin car for sure
Halliday Acres
Halliday Acres 24 päeva tagasi
I struggle every month to get by and I drive a 1999 ford ranger which I pray holds together,because I can't afford to fix anything that costs over a couple hundred dollars. I don't begrudge you for what you have or earned.But I have worked Hard my whole life too! Any way I just can't watch your channel anymore.will you ever be content with what you have?
Alex silver
Alex silver 24 päeva tagasi
I love these idiots maybe you can invent yourself
VVG 916
VVG 916 25 päeva tagasi
Yeah, the Countach Engine just crushing his stupid voice lines, Good Girl 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
Rabbit Fetus
Rabbit Fetus 25 päeva tagasi
brate samo guraj, samo jako, nedaj se, idemo lagano,svaka čast
Brendan 27 päeva tagasi
Get a rear view camera
bryce jacobsen
bryce jacobsen 27 päeva tagasi
All these nits are much ado about nothing. The car is BEAUTI-FULLLL!
Kyle Merritt
Kyle Merritt 29 päeva tagasi
How does he afford all that sales tax?
Grande V
Grande V 29 päeva tagasi
7 yrs 150 miles?
Sándor Antali
Sándor Antali Місяць tagasi
Im afraid to ask, but why don't U custom make a bucket seat with slimmer backrest to make it go a few inches further , and even lower to give U a little more space?
Bryan Boardwell
Bryan Boardwell Місяць tagasi
@Hoovies Garage, love the Wolf of Wall Street reference... Love that movie and Lambo's
Robert Hartmann
Robert Hartmann Місяць tagasi
You need a pantara car with that winged countach .
Timdog Місяць tagasi, somewhat,...excruciating.
Red Dot
Red Dot Місяць tagasi
Welcome into the Countach's World ! Just a useful TIP for you : the steering wheel is fully adjustable... (but you definitely need to know how as there is not lever to do it. Nope, but it is still mechanical. I told you, Countach's World). You need to understand the beast at first and that nothing to compare with it. Enjoy.
Drew Breezy
Drew Breezy Місяць tagasi
Naw...maybe some people dream to own. I can think of hundreds of cars I would rather own.
Eric Mark X
Eric Mark X Місяць tagasi
Anyone else get Tex flashbacks from the snowdonuts?
Nick Apostolopoulos
Nick Apostolopoulos Місяць tagasi
Change the position of the pedals
Sylvain Місяць tagasi
8:02 leather or fart sound???
cjrrun Місяць tagasi
He would complain how a supermodel looks
Samuel Wong
Samuel Wong Місяць tagasi
still looked damn cool
TRLWNC1 Місяць tagasi
How to get rid of old tires.... DONUTS!!!!! ;)
YOUNG 365 Місяць tagasi
Beautiful car
Of Angelic Paragons Virtuous EssencE
Of Angelic Paragons Virtuous EssencE Місяць tagasi
Hey I'm your brother I found you yayyy..., so what's up?
Foxmino J
Foxmino J Місяць tagasi
Lol...that first part of him crawling on the floor
ccrkicksass00123 Місяць tagasi
Awh, your lambo isn't a good daily driver? What a shame): I'll trade you my Chevy blazer for it!
anonygent Місяць tagasi
So if the engine and the trunk are in the back, what's under the hood?
robert marinaro
robert marinaro Місяць tagasi
Cars great not the guy
House of Paine
House of Paine Місяць tagasi
The Wolf on Wall Street would be proud! All u need r some qua-ludes!
Jessie Majeskie
Jessie Majeskie Місяць tagasi
"I guess my kids weren't college material anyway." Fucking savage. 😂
Josh B
Josh B Місяць tagasi
The wolf of wall street Intro!!!! So funny.
John R
John R Місяць tagasi
That spoiler is sooooo stupid looking. Who likes that garbage? If I owned this, the first order of business would be to get rid of it.
Peter Nilsson
Peter Nilsson Місяць tagasi
Every gear change takes like three seconds
King Epic
King Epic Місяць tagasi
My guy sounds like a game show host
B Louis
B Louis Місяць tagasi
All I can say is why did you buy this car
Ben Місяць tagasi
I bet the neighbors love you haha!
Enem Disk
Enem Disk Місяць tagasi
I'd hate you as my neighbour
T Місяць tagasi
Just couldn't listen to the Goldbloom affectation anymore so hard to end it. Seems dumb to buy a car that you hate so much.
jacek burghardt
jacek burghardt Місяць tagasi
Is this car from Miami vice
GMoney Місяць tagasi
What junk.
matthew smith
matthew smith Місяць tagasi
Coolest looking car ever made. Timeless
Kam Kalkutatta
Kam Kalkutatta Місяць tagasi
You need to buy a Bigger House. On it's Own Lot.
Bernhard Tsuballa
Bernhard Tsuballa Місяць tagasi
Is it a kit car? Do'nt look drivable. Interieur seems to be made by a carpenter.
John Smith
John Smith Місяць tagasi
Man you need to pick a better friend who told you to drive it. If he was a true friend he should have told you to give me the title and the car.😁
J. M.
J. M. Місяць tagasi
The title is a bit optimistic... I've never really dreamed of owning a Countach much less having one as a daily. A diablo possibly but not a Countach
Matt Matthews
Matt Matthews Місяць tagasi
Red interior and white paint... yum
PIlotrcm Місяць tagasi
Where are you getting the money to buy two lambos in one day?
PIlotrcm Місяць tagasi
He needs his “Popeye” cocaine
james challfant
james challfant Місяць tagasi
All his money comes from you tube commercials in his videos ?
JPT Місяць tagasi
I'm just wondering how many times his Neighbours rolled the eyes... :-)
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