Everything That's Broken On My Wrecked Maybach 57: WAY WORSE THAN I THOUGHT

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Kapa 17 päeva tagasi
Interesting that it specifies where it wants you to top up the oil. I.e. Don't go to the mechanic, because you can't afford it or the engine will blow before you can get there 🙂
vp5 19 päeva tagasi
Why would wizard refuse to do the work if it was 'only' a merc s600?
Todd Holden
Todd Holden 21 päev tagasi
What’s up with the Maybach? Last video had you taking it to Macao I think.
paulg Місяць tagasi
SAMS are surface to air missiles. ;o(
paulg Місяць tagasi
Maybach drew first blood!!!!
autoworld100 Місяць tagasi
Majority of those codes are due to the voltages being too low in the cambus system
HoyaSaxaSD Місяць tagasi
Just needs some carnauba wax. Should buff right out.
Keven Місяць tagasi
What that say ? Foreskin?
PopeyeWentMissingBecauseHeWasOutOfSpinach Місяць tagasi
"Luke Skywalker incident" - you don't usually hear that term being used by mechanics:-D
Andre LaBeach
Andre LaBeach Місяць tagasi
Hoovie: I drove my daughter in this yesterday... She could've fallen out.... Mrs Hoovie wants to know your location
Andrew Van Day
Andrew Van Day 2 місяці tagasi
So is there somewhere you can learn to talk like Geoff Goldbloom?
Seydlitz99 2 місяці tagasi
The car ran a red light and hit the license plate on a truck and it bent 90 deg and cut it up like butter. like the asshole that happen to when they hit my truck. not a scratch on the truck but the plate ran through the side of the car and out the back of the tail lights. the light exploded like the forth of july.
THG Driver
THG Driver 2 місяці tagasi
I'm not happy that you picked your daughter up at school with that broken glass that could have splintered in her eyes over bumps , etc. Then I saw that tire in the Rt. rear. Hope you learned a lesson.
Mike Gustav
Mike Gustav 2 місяці tagasi
Maybach owners are not Happy
olfrygt2007 2 місяці tagasi
"That's like a Rolls-Royce" Yeah that was the idea with these back in the day...
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 2 місяці tagasi
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Stephen Valentine
Stephen Valentine 2 місяці tagasi
No doubt a semi has turned and caught it. Seen that damage so many times
Clermont Florida
Clermont Florida 2 місяці tagasi
Please don't drive yourself or your family in any car you purchase without the Wizard doing this simple and quick safety inspection first. I work at a new car dealership and that's just standard practice.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 2 місяці tagasi
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Berlinda Martinez
Berlinda Martinez 2 місяці tagasi
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Robert Raab
Robert Raab 2 місяці tagasi
Ya, you got it.
bandit dane
bandit dane 2 місяці tagasi
No accident car for 40k $ means @ 38 w clear title .. This pos w salvage title that now NOBODY will buy is at 35k $ .. Ummmm ... Not worth it !
Iain Graham
Iain Graham 2 місяці tagasi
Kronkcode kronk of the decade
Da One TL
Da One TL 2 місяці tagasi
1:37 that guy is like an Eastern European Richard Hammond
Jay Kipfer
Jay Kipfer 2 місяці tagasi
Did you have to disable the air suspension before lifting the car on the hoist ?
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 2 місяці tagasi
Either a very brave man, with a vision, or a nut job. Good luck sir!
Max S.
Max S. 2 місяці tagasi
"About a grand" "I want to help you." "3 Grand"
Max S.
Max S. 2 місяці tagasi
Latvia is one of the "were stolen cars go" countries in Europe, so...yeah.
Andy B
Andy B 2 місяці tagasi
Hoovie: So how much will my Maybach cost to fix? Wizard: **starts shopping for a private island**
emaciated !HOTROD!
emaciated !HOTROD! 2 місяці tagasi
No I think the driver of the car cut off the truck
Allan Gillis
Allan Gillis 2 місяці tagasi
I had a transport truck start to pass me and then change lanes into me on the highway once. And you're right; it's scary alright.
Jordan King
Jordan King 2 місяці tagasi
This car seen better days
Jeffrey 2 місяці tagasi
Whoever had it definitely didn't take care of it. And put cheapass tires on it lol
Circle H
Circle H 2 місяці tagasi
No that’s horrible you will have a savage title
Barry G. Gould
Barry G. Gould 3 місяці tagasi
im thinking a front end loader perhaps
Bernard Warr
Bernard Warr 3 місяці tagasi
Ok, what muppet put China tyres on the Maybach?
Randy Hall
Randy Hall 3 місяці tagasi
It's always a happy day for the Wizard when Hoovie comes around! Seriously though, it's a bloody miracle that tire didn't blow on the freeway. Hoovie's got a major league guardian angle on his shoulder.
mechanick1000 3 місяці tagasi
most of them codes due to flat battery
silkysixx 3 місяці tagasi
I think a flatbed was taking a left, the Maybach went around it, but the tail of the bed poked out into the Maybach's lane as it swung around.
Milos.r 3 місяці tagasi
Got my airbag and nav stolen from my BMW in Sweden, bought new spare parts from Latvia and unbelievably it was the same chassis numbers on them as on my car. Apparently his brother had been in Sweden a couple of weeks before.
JO H 3 місяці tagasi
you are sitting way to far from your steering wheel; in case of an accident the impact goes straight to your shoulder joint and it will pop out, not nice, even worse if its going to brake
VinylToVideo 3 місяці tagasi
Nuttz And Boltz Garage
Nuttz And Boltz Garage 3 місяці tagasi
Police must HATE the rear screen. Easiest way to get pulled over for suspicious behavior...
Darren Prest
Darren Prest 3 місяці tagasi
Watching Hoovie's videos is like watching a car accident, you just can't look away.
taketimeout2 3 місяці tagasi
You don't want can I have?
Roc A
Roc A 3 місяці tagasi
The scripted reactions are a lil disappointing. Guess there is no such thing as reality TV anymore 🥺
Al Rivera
Al Rivera 3 місяці tagasi
Maybach is an old German word that means "hoopty."
Jack Martin
Jack Martin 3 місяці tagasi
Just realized, where you playing Bach throughout the video..
4wrestling 3 місяці tagasi
No facemasks. Thumbs down on the video
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovie: what's happened to this project??? You hop around like a rabbit and if you don't start completing any of your projects you are going to get nuked. Your life matters little but the stories are interesting, nothing more
Eez Best Bro
Eez Best Bro 3 місяці tagasi
that is an amazing car with about 1000 pounds of electronics in it. if the 2nd battery is low or bad it will cause all kinds of codes.
Kent Nilsson
Kent Nilsson 3 місяці tagasi
Hmm... buying parts from Latvia!! A lot of the parts is from stolen cars that they sell the parts from. We have big problem in Sweden with many organized thefts from that shit country.
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 3 місяці tagasi
How much does he charge to put on a hubcap,. $3000???
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 3 місяці tagasi
Dammm this dude is crazy expensive,. Wizard,,,,,you mean theif
testicular oxide
testicular oxide 3 місяці tagasi
I like turtles!🦞🐸👌
Alan Brand
Alan Brand 3 місяці tagasi
Its a Merc....out of warranty money pit
Hotte Dachief
Hotte Dachief 3 місяці tagasi
You should place the camera somewhere else when you're driving because the rear mirror takes a quarter of the screen 😉
scifiknut 3 місяці tagasi
Always more than meets the eye, these "gems". But fun to watch when fixed, nonetheless, if the cars are actually worth repairing.
ALFRED OBETEN 3 місяці tagasi
Huge fan bro watch a lot of your videos wish I could afford a car as a daily commuter when school is back
duklinbob 3 місяці tagasi
What is the title of that classical masterpiece at the beginning of the video?
andrew bintang
andrew bintang 3 місяці tagasi
how come this did not surprise me? lol exactly the reason why i watch this channel
Sergey Matytsyn
Sergey Matytsyn 3 місяці tagasi
Man, I love those cars. Wish it was possible to drive Maybach daily. But it's an old Mercedes with a ton of computers inside it. So, really depends on the condition. Gearbox and engine should be more or less bulletproof.
kon b
kon b 3 місяці tagasi
what a waste of my time watching it
Austin Benesh
Austin Benesh 3 місяці tagasi
Smart man...playing J.S. Bach's "Air on a G String" in the background. Clever.
Benjamin Matte
Benjamin Matte 3 місяці tagasi
Has anyone noticed he hasn’t showed his wife that car, damn smart man lmao
The car guy
The car guy 3 місяці tagasi
Damn, nice car.
Nick S
Nick S 3 місяці tagasi
Started to watch your channel so far I like the mix of older veichles
Nicole Love
Nicole Love 3 місяці tagasi
He can get that island if he goes in with friends and purchase it.
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown 3 місяці tagasi
LOL latvia one of the known destinations for stolen cars from all over Europe.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 3 місяці tagasi
Adaptive cruise and collision alert... really impressive technology for 2008 but available in a Kia now. No way I would take on that project for only $20K less than a clean title one.
robby milligan
robby milligan 3 місяці tagasi
Wish I had money like that to piss away
Morten Superlite
Morten Superlite 3 місяці tagasi
Parts from Latvia LOL. Almost all stolen premium cars in Scandinavia and rest of Europe ends up in Latvia
Renars 3 місяці tagasi
That moment, when I'm a latvian, and was extatic to hear Latvia being mentioned for 800k people 😅
Anthony Young
Anthony Young 3 місяці tagasi
Hoovie never gets tired of draining his bank account, or accounts. I love watching these videos, (the Bentley Turbo R stands out) as they are cautionary tales for those who dream of getting a "cheap" fixer upper exotic or luxury car. He ends up paying alarming sums of money to make them drivable. Has his wife divorced him yet?
Oliver Lowe
Oliver Lowe 3 місяці tagasi
10:36 ‘it’s the dirty bubble!’
Kris Carmelo
Kris Carmelo 3 місяці tagasi
"What does this tire say-FORESKIN?" BAHAHAHA!
Steven Hill
Steven Hill 3 місяці tagasi
Hooptie you constantly try to steer the Wizzard into making him look likie a sheister. Problem is the Wizzard is smarter than you are.
J Wilson
J Wilson 3 місяці tagasi
SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!Just burn it and walk away while you still have SOME dignity and self-respect left !!!!!
Normsweb.com 3 місяці tagasi
This may be a noob question, but if Hoovie has his own garage, why does he take his cars to Wizard's Garage?
grnsgottaM 3 місяці tagasi
Pretty sure that dual caliper setup was for redundancy. Lots of high rollers sitting in the back of these, when they were new.
Trending Videos Daily
Trending Videos Daily 3 місяці tagasi
That camera is crisp must be a Sony 5k
O E 3 місяці tagasi
20k for this ??? R u for real?
River Sharp
River Sharp 3 місяці tagasi
I do belive wizard out to get you a 1000 bucks to put a door on no matter the car he is crazy find a new wizard
Walter de Lorrell
Walter de Lorrell 3 місяці tagasi
Just curious. How much money could be saved by not doing burn-outs. Old cars can't take the punishment new one's can.
Robert Seed
Robert Seed 3 місяці tagasi
Here he goes again He buys a high mileage wrecked car and proceeds to tell us that has bought a Lemon ! What’s new! His whole philosophy is to buy crap cars and as long as it has enough damage to give him a thirty minute U Tube slot, he is a happy Bunny What a crock of shit.
MontanaManagment 3 місяці tagasi
Bests Regards
Bests Regards 3 місяці tagasi
Greetings from Latvia, keep up the good work
n30a 3 місяці tagasi
1k, if you help 2k
Lcorcoran 3 місяці tagasi
-Unknown User-
-Unknown User- 3 місяці tagasi
"what does it say? foreskin?" lmao
Sawmiller Smith
Sawmiller Smith 3 місяці tagasi
Value cover leak keeps the under body from rusting
Sawmiller Smith
Sawmiller Smith 3 місяці tagasi
If you can buy one for $40,000 with a clean title and you'll have $30,000 with a rebuilt title. When you want to sale it you will probably lose money.
MajorOutage 3 місяці tagasi
Wait wut? Did I just see Mass plates on that F150 you passed?
Quinten Arnaldy
Quinten Arnaldy 3 місяці tagasi
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 3 місяці tagasi
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Martin Høines
Martin Høines 3 місяці tagasi
You do understand that thouse parts came off stolen cars yes?
Sam Sonn
Sam Sonn 3 місяці tagasi
Of course Mercedes Airmatic
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 3 місяці tagasi
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robert woodliff
robert woodliff 3 місяці tagasi
Why not get the angle grinder out & build the first Maybach pick up truck.
robert woodliff
robert woodliff 3 місяці tagasi
Why would you go the extra mile in a Maybach....go the extra kilometre 😜
Carpet Factory 99
Carpet Factory 99 3 місяці tagasi
Victor Odin
Victor Odin 3 місяці tagasi
We had to listen to this boring ass for half of the clip before he got to the point.
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