The FATE of the "PIMP MY RIDE" Van
Ivan Navarro
Ivan Navarro 9 tundi tagasi
Can I take my car to the wizards ??
Emilio IV Suarez
Emilio IV Suarez 9 tundi tagasi
Why don't you keep the rims of the B7?
William Lloyd
William Lloyd 9 tundi tagasi
Could have been the first Hoovie fleet ePower conversion!
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 9 tundi tagasi
I'd call that color mustard custard yellow.
thatjokerperson 9 tundi tagasi
Hoovie is in a really weird spot in my mind Hes probably the only car guy that cant even change his own oil
M3t4l5t0rm 9 tundi tagasi
Maybe it's time to add some battery tenders to your garage so you don't have dead batteries again just a thought
Allen Sherlock
Allen Sherlock 9 tundi tagasi
110 percent positive he is why wizard has no hair 😂
Boy From Georgia
Boy From Georgia 9 tundi tagasi
Of course Tyler is great friends with the tow truck driver
Ashton Kastner
Ashton Kastner 10 tundi tagasi
The guy with the Saab just seem so disinterested in everything going on. His main word is "Yeah"
Husam Sameer
Husam Sameer 10 tundi tagasi
This channel was fun to watch and now it’s just painful 😂😂
Stocky Baldman
Stocky Baldman 10 tundi tagasi
The Wizard is a true professional, shit happens
DonziGT230 10 tundi tagasi
I call Rotella my do-all oil, but I'm shocked that the Lambos don't require something more exotic.
Magikarp Sharp Gaming
Magikarp Sharp Gaming 10 tundi tagasi
I have always been a lover of quirky, amazing pieces of art. Most of which have been vans! I have owned a Chevrolet 20 conversion van, a dodge b-150 conversion van, and I would cherish your iconic van forever if I could only be so lucky.
CanadianCarReviews 10 tundi tagasi
We have a 17 Silverado, we've had to wait for the tow truck twice because of it misfiring
Louis Yeung
Louis Yeung 10 tundi tagasi
it will literally take you a month to rotate between cars without repeating
Ray Ceeya
Ray Ceeya 10 tundi tagasi
OMG, the Car Wizard didn't know that engine had hydraulic lifters? For the first time ever I knew something Car Wizard didn't know. WOW!!!
Blake Nelsen
Blake Nelsen 10 tundi tagasi
Ik you probably wont ever see this but i wanted to thank you so much i saw this video and it saved me i got stuck at a walmart and that fuel pump trick saved me its ironic i saw this and the next day my pump went out on my durango i sincerely appreciate it you have my sub and likes for life
Aaron Poyer
Aaron Poyer 11 tundi tagasi
"were you in the car during the accident" "yah it wasnt bad"
gentile joshsaved
gentile joshsaved 11 tundi tagasi
Hello, did the wizard do the engine install?
ZcomputermanZ 11 tundi tagasi
What happened to the toyota previa????
HittingTax26 11 tundi tagasi
Luxury Thunderbird?
Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders 11 tundi tagasi
I'll swap it for a PT Cruiser...
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 11 tundi tagasi
Shouldn't have disconnected that coil wire Hoovie.
smiork valexy
smiork valexy 11 tundi tagasi
There's something wrong with all of them lol
Bedirhan Akça
Bedirhan Akça 11 tundi tagasi
Why don’t you just open a workshop in your garage and let the wizard come? Seems a lot easier 😂
James Eves
James Eves 11 tundi tagasi
Live the interior on the Suburban
Som Guy
Som Guy 11 tundi tagasi
Glad you choose the red velour for that little ditty.
Kirk Schneider
Kirk Schneider 11 tundi tagasi
Is the Excursion for sale?
Jerzy Kloczkowski
Jerzy Kloczkowski 12 tundi tagasi
U put car ninja to shame! Whats Ur number n where are U located? Great video!
Jer EE
Jer EE 12 tundi tagasi
Rob Mitchell
Rob Mitchell 12 tundi tagasi
I need this car for parts. What happened to it?
Bud Matto
Bud Matto 12 tundi tagasi
Bring on the 135 !!!!
Jim Park
Jim Park 12 tundi tagasi
15:49 mechanic shopping online for yachts after telling customer the price of fixing the car 🤣
R C 12 tundi tagasi
I want it
Harupert Beagleton
Harupert Beagleton 12 tundi tagasi
Why you looking around the ghetto lol
Frank. l
Frank. l 12 tundi tagasi
Drive it off a cliff, your better off ! Lol.
Leonardo Clabuchar Martingo
Leonardo Clabuchar Martingo 12 tundi tagasi
Strangely the purple 911 was always my favorite car of ur fleet... Loved the color and thought all the underdog stigma of the 996 made it extra charming... Would love to own it, unfortunally i live in rio de janeiro and that sub 10k 911 would set me over here the price of a really nice studio apartment, and double that to mantain it.. Americans dont hav a clue of how lucky they are with cars!!! Btw, i'm a lawyer over here and i drive a 13 nissan tiida and a scooter!
Sam Robb
Sam Robb 12 tundi tagasi
You are getting way too dramatic. It's embarrassing
Kam Edwards
Kam Edwards 13 tundi tagasi
Hoovie is so great, he reminds you of the Kid at School, who's parents had Money and he got anything he wanted... He is still the same age, but has a grown up body.....
Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond 13 tundi tagasi
He got over a million views, so did he reveal what he paid??
Victor Victor
Victor Victor 13 tundi tagasi
My Gadget Buddy | Indiegogo My Gadget Buddy
Josh Ferry
Josh Ferry 13 tundi tagasi
I grew up in the 80's I hated the 90's Camaro's gen 4. Boy I want that car! Hahah!
DumbledoreMcCracken 13 tundi tagasi
Mr. Roger's Garage
Davis Wall
Davis Wall 13 tundi tagasi
Love love love a C2
Scott Richmond
Scott Richmond 13 tundi tagasi
So what does this guy do to have all this money to get all these expensive cars & all? What's his profession or did he inherit millions?
Bimmer 13 tundi tagasi
Your neighbors lawn looks beautiful. You got to get your grass looking better.
steve smith
steve smith 13 tundi tagasi
The no. 1 car at wizards I wanted to see finished. Awesome
Fixyourautomobile 13 tundi tagasi
Ray Ceeya
Ray Ceeya 13 tundi tagasi
Brendan Pump
Brendan Pump 13 tundi tagasi
I am trying to find a 1978 cadillac eldorado biarritz in red with a red interior
Dave Sherman
Dave Sherman 14 tundi tagasi
Check the wiring harness at the passenger side firewall of dash, inside engine bay. Had the same random starting issue. Wire worked loose at the connector. Drove me nuts until I discovered it last.
Michael Coles
Michael Coles 14 tundi tagasi
Best quote: "Goodness...I didn't know this car wash also did baptisms." LOL!
REAL FICTIONS 14 tundi tagasi
This guy is doing a spot on Jeff Goldblum impersonation...replete with perfect word cadence...bravo!
OMAR6575 14 tundi tagasi
Ultimate fixing machine
Jason Macfarlane
Jason Macfarlane 14 tundi tagasi
Add that Bentley to the truck bringing the Porsche to Canada and I’ll give you $500 take your headache. I’ll do that for you.
cutehumor 14 tundi tagasi
Hoovie's Garage...more like HOOPTIE 'S GARAGE
jmlandry77 14 tundi tagasi
Should have smacked the tank w/ a stick of wood, a few times.
hdt ace
hdt ace 14 tundi tagasi
Vikings hammer
Leland 15 tundi tagasi
HOUSTON!! WE HAVE THE APOLLO 911!!! I’ve been wondering where that was!!! Yes! I asked about it last week and now we have an update.... kinda, hahaha.
David S
David S 15 tundi tagasi
Well now you can install a camera.
B Harmon
B Harmon 15 tundi tagasi
I think it's time for a new mechanic. This "wizard" doesn't even check the coolant before you take the car. After he fixes the car, then he says he wants to test drive it to make sure it doesn't overheat. What a hack!!
Joe Devine
Joe Devine 15 tundi tagasi
Seriously interesting collection. If I could I would too. That said. Brother man, you need to put trickle chargers on all your cars. Just to keep the batteries healthy.
MainManJC 15 tundi tagasi
Prices are going up now
John Williams
John Williams 15 tundi tagasi
I grew up in Suburbans - my folks bought a new one every two years whether we needed one or not from about 1978 on. Learned to drive in one, too. Thanks for the memories.
Bearty 15 tundi tagasi
i think this is a sign from the car gods in the sky
trippnbilly 15 tundi tagasi
Tire treads are Dicks.. 😄 lmao
My Road to Thailand
My Road to Thailand 15 tundi tagasi
My 2003 is coming up to 260,000 KMS and it's turning it to be one of the best cars I've ever owned. Love driving the AWD in the winter months. 👍😎
Joseph Piskac
Joseph Piskac 15 tundi tagasi
What your doing is great and remarkably rich or wealthy. I am elderly retired living full-time in my 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander in the forested mountains of Arizona. Maybe move up to a camper van and maybe not.
Waylon Hoss
Waylon Hoss 15 tundi tagasi
I thought it was a 95 cavalier not a 94 Ferrari
xTheRenegade666x 15 tundi tagasi
Hoovie: I'll give you $20.00 Canadian for the Bentley Turbo R, but only if you pay the shipping and pre-light the rag in the gas filler for me.... :-)
Cornelius Small
Cornelius Small 15 tundi tagasi
My dad still has his 1995 chevy c20 van, its on its last leg, would love to get it restored and updated.
Josh Uatree
Josh Uatree 15 tundi tagasi
I watched 1 minute 39 seconds and now I am leaving . BOOOORRRRIIING ( IN HIGH PITCH VOICE )
Cornelius Small
Cornelius Small 15 tundi tagasi
would have rather seen this compared to a sprinter.
Tony Marran
Tony Marran 15 tundi tagasi
Straight out of a 1950,s Citroen lhm fluid everywhere
Jane Du Bourg
Jane Du Bourg 15 tundi tagasi
Rolls should be bullet proof. Why are they so unreliable?
I'm Just A Car Guy
I'm Just A Car Guy 15 tundi tagasi
2:15 That red truck slipped in the backround lol.
THE Mechanick
THE Mechanick 16 tundi tagasi
maybe they cant make an Excursion because of EPA standards for MPG? idk why elese, do SUVs no longer have "truck-like" regulations?
Positive Mio
Positive Mio 16 tundi tagasi
Let’s name the hammer Jeremy Clarkson
Lee Meszaros
Lee Meszaros 16 tundi tagasi
Hooves is the youtube channel I let the ads play for
misha17422 16 tundi tagasi
This guy is a scam. He makes fun of simple people by buying cheap cars he doesn’t need and then pretending to regret the purchase.